Li Shan Black Tea – Green Terrace Teas

LiShanLi Shan Black is the first of three samples I received from Green Terrace Teas to review.  I am out of town visiting my sisters this weekend and while I had tea, I didn’t have the hardware to brew gong fu style as recommended by Green Terrace.  So I improvised.

improgongfuUsing a Fiesta Ware cream pitcher, a strainer and some custard cups, my sisters and I had an impromptu session with this tea.

A sniff of the dry leaf in the bag is a big malty, fruity nose-bomb.  As these are two of my favorite things in a tea, I was hopeful the brewed tea would taste the way it smells and it did not disappoint.

Using just-off boiling water, we started with 1 minute steeps increasing 30 seconds and went through 5 steeps.

The first steep was malty, with  honey-rose scent and a flavor we all likened to apricots.  Subsequent steeps continued to provide a sweet, smooth ride.  There is no astringency here, just an extremely balanced sweet and fruity medium-bodied cup. lisha

There was a delicious floral scent that we all eventually identified as rose.  It was very prominent in the later steeps.  The honey note changed for me to a bit more brown sugar in the last couple of steeps, while remaining honey-flavored for my sisters.

We enjoyed this one a lot and I would/will purchase some of this.  I can see it as a lovely afternoon break while listening to something smoooooth – like Jim Reeves.



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