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Rivendell – Whispering Pines Tea Company

rivendellAh Rivendell, where do I even begin?  Rivendell is not a tea I would have thought would be (sorry) my cup of tea.  The teas I love the most are generally the more assertive, sometimes even aggressive Chinese blacks and puerhs.  I have been known to use the word “ethereal” as a pejorative (unless discussing chocolate mousse).  And yet.    Read More

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2006 Fall Lao Ban Zhang Ancient Tree Raw Pu-erh – Yunnan Sourcing

laobanWhat a treat to get to try a tea of this quality.  A generous sample was provided by an awesome Steepster buddy who shall remain nameless – I appreciate it very much!

According to Yunnan Sourcing, the raw material for this cake is much sought after due its high quality.

I put 6 grams in the ru-wan and used 190 degree water with 2 rinses.  The leaves are large, unbroken and olive-colored.  The liquor is a pretty peach color with a sweet, almost floral aroma.

Three steeps in and I’m already in love.  There is a bit of bitterness at the tip of my tongue and a lovely mouth-filling sweetness.  By the sixth steep the bitterness has decreased and it just keeps getting sweeter.   photo-2This sheng has plenty of staying power.  Eight steeps in and it shows no signs of weakness.

And then there’s the qi.  Have I mentioned the qi yet?  This is why we drink this stuff.  It starts with a slow spreading warmth and expands to the head.  There is no head-spin, just a nice round, expanding relaxation that lets me know I won’t be accomplishing much beyond enjoying the lovely glow I’m getting here.  I intend to spend a lazy afternoon loving on this sheng and listening to Dobie Gray, this tea definitely feels like Loving Arms and a cake will likely find its way into my cupboard.

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2000 Chocolate Mini Shu – White2Tea

2000_Chocolate_Mini_2A sample of this sweet little shou puer came to me with a White2Tea order.  I’ve neglected it until now but I am off work this week and will have the luxury of drinking copious amounts of tea.

White2Tea is in is my top 3-4 pantheon of tea companies.  The quality of their tea is amazing and so is their customer service.  Paul only sells tea he likes to drink.  Hard to argue with that.  Read More

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Review: Trader Joe’s Polenta Provencale

photo-6I have a demanding, stressful, time-intensive job.  Consequently, I am always on the lookout for easy delicious food I can make quickly and isn’t too bad for me.  I had been looking forward to Trader Joe’s coming to town, in part because I had heard wondrous tales of the frozen section.  I’ve had some hits and some misses at TJ’s but overall, I can say I am glad they came to Austin.  Read More

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Thanksgiving Prep and Fu Tea

I am fortunate.  I have the next week off from work.  That is one of the many things I’m giving thanks for at the moment.  The wonderful RAIN is another.  We traveled to North Texas yesterday for an early family Thanksgiving with my mom and sisters and their families.  It is a tradition in the Priss house to have Thanksgiving for loved ones who don’t have other plans.  I started preparing today to lessen my (non-existent really) pre-Thanksgiving stress. Read More

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Tea News!

It’s November.  That means tea will be on sale soon. Two pieces of tea news to share today.  The first has me very excited.  Yunnan Sourcing will now be offering several versions of a monthly tea subscription.  YS is one of my favorite sources for pu-erh.  A monthly fee of $30 ($50 for the premium subscription) will bring at 4 varieties totaling at 100 grams of YS tastiness to your door.  You can choose the category of your subscription as well.  Read More