Changes Coming Y’all!

Yes, it has been QUITE a while since I posted on a regular basis.  Lots has been going on.  My tea tastes have shifted (as they do) and I have lots of new teaware to share as well.  Changes are coming soon – including regular posts!  IMG_3755

OMG! A new post…about food waste

Hi y’all!  It’s been a while.  Things are beginning to settle down here at Casa de Priss.  Most of the spring garden is in and  I’ve decided not to pursue full-time employment, so you should be seeing more from me.

This post is about a subject I find distressing – food waste.  It is particularly distressing because I am a terrible offender.  I am making my attempts to address the Priss household food waste public for several reasons:  I need accountability, it will hopefully enhance my creativity as I find ways to use all of the food I grow or purchase, and most importantly, I wish to call attention to this serious issue.  Continue reading

New teaware Part 2

IMG_2643Here is another little beauty I acquired from Great Horse Tea.  This one is bigger than PreciousBaby at approximately 145ml.  I haven’t decided on the tea to pair with this one yet, or its name or gender.

The pour is really sweet and look at those flowers!  I love holding this pot and I am looking forward to deciding what to drink out of it and getting it into the teapot rotation.  I find that I end up using a fraction of the beautiful things I have and that is unfortunate.  Teaware needs use and I will try to be better about that.

New teaware Part 1

avatar Well lookie here!  This is my newest and most treasured teapot.  Her name is PreciousBaby and she is 100ml of fabulous.  I have dedicated her to yancha and I think it will be a perfect combination of tea and pot.

She came from a tea company that is very new to me Great Horse Tea.  The Tea Fairy and I admired a pot from a follow tea head on Instagram and he told us about Great Horse.  I have to say their customer service was excellent.  Great communication and lightning fast shipping.  I had this sweet baby in my hands in just a few days.  I’ve been leaning heavily to the jian shui pots recently (as you will see in future posts), but this little yixing may be my very favorite.  But I might say that about most of my pots.

I bought tea too.  Oolong specifically.  I am enjoying them and I will be discussing them soon.


So.  It’s been a while.  I’ve had lots of changes in my life since I last posted.  I was very fortunate to be able to stop working in June.  I  have to say that I haven’t missed the 70, 80 and 90 hour weeks one bit.  My job was very, very intense.  It has taken me quite a while to unclench. Continue reading


IMG_1322I’ve been watching Wymm Tea for a little while now.  I was about to order some samples when they had a contest.  All you had to do was re-post their Instagram photo and like it on Facebook and you were entered to win.  I was the extremely fortunate winner of this cake full of tasty.  One of the first things that strikes me about Wymm is their attention to aesthetics.  Their packaging is gorgeous and so is their website.  Sadly, my photo here does not do it justice, so I urge you to check out their site.   I’ve never tasted a sheng quite like this before – and it gives me a happy. Continue reading

Welcome Taiwan Sourcing!

taiwansourcingScott Wilson is known in tea circles as the tea head’s friend/enabler.  Yunnan Sourcing has been an invaluable resource for me.  The depth and breadth of YS’s selection is really stunning.  I have learned I can rely on Scott, not only to provide great tea but to provide it at a fair price with outstanding customer service.  But I’m not writing about YS today.  Scott, along with two other Teamen (We’ll get to that later) has just launched Taiwan Sourcing.  While I think of it as the “oolong site” there is more on offer at TS than just oolong.  There are a few blacks and a few greens and some carefully curated teaware as well.   Continue reading

2015 Spring Bangdong Hong Black Tea – White2 Tea

IMG_1075This baby black tea was one of the offerings from White2 Tea’s monthly subscription.  The description provided with it says, “This tea was freshly made at the end of March using Puer leaf from Bangdong…They made a black tea in the traditional Yunnan style from their local puer material.  This is the first production of its kind.”

I was excited to try it as I’ve never had black tea quite this fresh before.  Opening the bag and sticking my nose in was a pure pleasure.  I found the  deep, malty, sweet-potatoey aroma that I look for in Yunnan blacks.  Continue reading

Spring 2015 Bai Ying Shan “Hidden Song” Sheng Puerh – Crimson Lotus Tea

songThis little slice of heaven was included as a sample in my recent Crimson Lotus order.  Thank you Glen!  This one is a for-real cuplicker.  So good in fact, that I just ordered a cake, along with a Whispering Sunshine cake.  My keepers will be relieved that I managed to NOT buy another jianshui pot.

This was Lefty’s inaugural sheng session.  Lefty is happy because this one was so delicious and so much fun.  Continue reading

New teapot SQUEE (yes, again.) – Crimson Lotus Tea

IMG_1067Bless my heart.  I have yet another new jianshui tea pot.  Like my most recent teapot purchase, this one came from Crimson Lotus Tea.  The smooth black clay and little dome shape are 100 milliliters worth of happiness.  I love these pots so much – the quality is impressive and I am pretty sure this one will be become my default shou pot while the red one I got before will be my my go-to sheng pot.  I believe I’m going to name this one Pancho and the red one Lefty.  So here is the obvious song.

These pots feel so smooth and elegant in the hand and the pour is amazing.  The beauty and utility of these pots make my already near-spiritual tea sessions even more special.

I also ordered some tea.  I discussed the Gushu shou in my most recent post.  I’m looking forward to trying the sheng samples I got too.  My only suggestion for Glen is more samples please.  I want to try everything!