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Nonpareil Yunnan Dian Hong Ancient Wild Tree Black Tea – Teavivre

wild_tree_black_dianhong_0619_3.e980c46029edb5209fc59ddb2e08edadAngel at Teavivre sent me a huge bunch of samples to try.  After asking about my preferences, she sent some blacks and some pu-erhs  I decided to start my morning off with this  beauty.  I used 3 grams of tea in 6 ounces of 194 water and steeped for 3.5 minutes.  The dry leaf has a slight malt and chocolate aroma and large tightly curled black leaves – what the Lovely Tea Fairy calls “spider legs”.    Read More

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2013 “Ye Sheng Cha” Wild Tree Purple Tea of Dehong – Yunnan Sourcing

wild childI have no idea what I was thinking having this wild ass sheng first thing in the morning. I succumbed to peer pressure (consisting of no actual pressure) and joined Sarsy in morning sheng. I usually prefer to ease more gently into my mornings with a nice black or some Special Dark. But there you are. I shenged.

I’ve nicknamed this raw pu-erh Wild Child. It is a wild hollering baby and I love it. It’s punchy for sure. Very very punchy.  Read More

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2012 “Impression” Raw Pu-erh – Yunnan Sourcing

ImpressionSheng party with the Teaplets. I put 6 grams in the wee shengxing and hit it with 200 degree water with one rinse which was fairly nondescript, though with a bit of tingle (I almost always taste my rinse). After a 10 minute or so rest and then onto 15s/20s/30s/45s/1m/130m/2min steeps.

The soup is apricot colored and the first steep gives me a nice tingle and a very, very slight bitterness, even though Sarsy made this face: O.O

Read More

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White Two Tea Company – Various Raw Puers

WhiteTwoTea_SmalllogoI spent the last couple of days drinking sheng (aka “raw” puer tea) from White Two Tea.  Along with a friend from Steepster, one of my “Teaplets” –  Sarsonator,  I ordered several samples, she ordered others and we traded to fill in the gaps and allow us both to enjoy a nice selection of White 2’s shengs.  From the “About” section of their website: “We conduct business with a simple philosophy: If we would not drink it, we will not sell it.”  I appreciate that straightforward and to the point statement.  I will be equally straightforward and direct:  I LOVE their tea, I do not love their website.  It is arranged by tea companies and by year, making it hard to explore and find something wonderful if you don’t already know what you’re looking for.  But make no mistake, there are something wonderfuls aplenty to be found there.  Read More

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Golden Fleece – Verdant Tea

gfI’ve written rapturous notes about Golden Fleece before. It was my first “OMG this is so freaking good I must have so much of it that I never ever run out” (or just OMG for short) tea. I’ve neglected it as of late because I have MANY of those OMG teas now: Special Dark, Golden Orchid, Cocoa Amore, Bailin Gongfu, Wild Monk, etc. and I have a staggering amount of this. I’m so glad!

I read a note on this tea when I woke up far too early this morning and craved the thick honey sweet malty bready slightly spicy flavor that is this cup of love. Usually when I’m this groggy and half-awake, I do something simple: make water hot, dump tea, drink tea.

It’s been far too long for this tea, so I got out my beautiful pink flowered pot and its matching cup. I pre-heated the pot and the cup and overleafed the pot and brewed up 16 ounces of pure golden delight.   goldenfleece

I’m sitting here sipping and mmmm-ing. Blissful! This is playing in my head as I sip.

Thank you Dexter for reminding me how much I love this.  I went through those 16 ounces of love so quickly and loved it so much I’m making another pot.


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2003 Reserve Four Season Oolong – Butiki Teas

aged oolongWow! This is one of the most uniquely flavored teas I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. This is one of my first oolongs from Butiki Teas.  It will be difficult to describe, but I will try.

The dry leaf is tightly curled and dark as the best kind of sin.  It looks like little nuggets of coal.

I followed the directions of 1 tsp (ok maybe a little more than 1 tsp) for 8 ounces of 180 water for 4 minutes and was rewarded with a deeply colored brew with a woody and slightly vegetal aroma.

First sip was sweet and fruity and nectary, almost a bug bitten flavor to me. There is a lot going on with this tea. There is the lovely roastiness, a woody bottom and that lilt of fruity, floral sweetness at the top that makes this tea sing. It’s bold and beautiful like Tina Turner.

As it cools, the fruit and nectar flavors become more pronounced.  I wish I had started on this gong fu style, but I have more and I will spend plenty of quality time with this